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A Landscaping Revolution!



Because of our good fortune to procure a large quantity of 100% non-tire, 100% wire-free raw rubber at a bargain price. While Safe Rock is primarily designed for playground surfacing, it will also fulfill your landscaping needs.

In addition, JJV Rubber Mulch  is proud to introduce a new product we call Safe Rock “Natural.” The product is manufactured from PRE-consumer rubber waste – an extremely clean rubber – and is sold in a mixture of dazzling colors. A “potpourri,” if you will. Because we are not required to paint the rubber (the most expensive part of the manufacturing process), we can offer the “Natural” at a fair price. It is the cleanest and greenest – and the most cost-effective – playground surfacing on the American market! For more information on this promotion, you may contact us by telephone (651.222.8321) or by contact form

JJV Rubber Mulch is the exclusive provider of Safe Rock safety surface materials. The vital component that distinguishes our products from all others is that ours are 100% wire-free and are manufactured from non-tire recycled rubber only.


JJV RUBBER MULCH PARTICIPATES IN EXTREME MAKEOVER AGAIN! JJV Rubber Mulch once again collaborated with TJB Homes in the construction of a new home, this one on St. Paul’s West Side as part of ABC-TV’s Extreme Makeover (Home Edition) Show. Construction took place between Oct 3 and Oct 9, 2009. JJV Rubber Mulch donated the artificial turf and rubber infill for the new playground and also donated two tons of landscape mulch to beautify the grounds. Installation was done by a company crew working in the dead of night on Wed, Oct 7. Homeowner Sandy Morris and her two children returned from a week-long cruise to the Caribbean and were greeted by Ty and 5,000 screaming neighbors on Friday afternoon, Oct 9. The show aired on January 11,2010. In August of 2007, JJV Rubber Mulch donated four tons of red cedar playground surfacing for an Extreme Makeover home in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

ISO 14001 Environmental Certification – It is precisely the non-tire component of JJV Rubber Mulch’s products and its commitment to “clean and green” that has enabled the company to achieve the International Organization for Standardization 14001 Environmental Certification, the only certification that is recognized worldwide.

JJV RUBBER MULCH WAS ASKED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE ECO-EXPERIENCE GREEN STREET EXHIBIT AT THE MINNESOTA STATE FAIR! The Minnesota Environmental Protection Agency invited JJV Rubber Mulch to display its products on Green Street as part of the Eco-Experience in the Progress Building at the 2010 Minnesota State Fair (Aug 26 – Sep 6, 2010). The company was recognized for its commitment to manufacturing environmentally responsible rubber mulch products and, in the process, saving millions of pounds of rubber from gorging America’s landfills. The response was overwhelming as over 100,000 fair-goers visited the exhibit.

JJV Rubber Mulch donated field turf and several tons of its non-tire rubber landscape mulch to the exhibit while the company and its products were featured on several news channels. The non-tire component of JJV Rubber Mulch’s products is clearly gaining traction!


The entire rubber mulch industry was conceived with the recycling of automobile tires as its centerpiece. Buoyed by large government grants and tipping fees, the big shakers and movers in the industry installed millions of tons of rubber mulch around trees and shrubs on the nation’s boulevards – and, in a rather callous disregard for safety – in America’s playgrounds.

The founder of JJV Rubber Mulch, John Vruno, began his career in the industry as a sales representative for one of the tire reps.. After he installed 99 percent wire-free (as it was advertised) rubber mulch in a few playgrounds, he quickly discovered that wire-contaminated rubber presented an unwarranted and unacceptable risk to children, as did the excessive quantities of petroleum and zinc present in tires. He decided to go on his own.

Vruno’s solution: use non-tire recycled rubber in the production process. He knew there was as much non-tire rubber going into America’s landfills as there were tires. Although he would have to forego the grants and the tipping fees, he was convinced that, in the long run, he would prevail because, by going non-tire, he would produce the cleanest and the greenest – and certainly the safest – rubber mulch products on the American market. He has done just that.

THE PROCESS: The non-tire recycled rubber is chopped and cut to size, then treated with a new-age EPA approved adherent paint that is available in an array of dazzling colors.The end product is a cost-effective rubber mulch that simultaneously promotes the environment, beautifies your yard and provides an attractive and safe surface for your children’s playground. JJV Rubber Mulch is the heaviest rubber on the market and will not wash away, blow away or fade like other rubber products and wooden mulches.

JJV Rubber Mulch was privileged to donate four tons of our red cedar Safe Rock to beautify and make safe the new playground in the backyard of the ABC television Extreme Makeover house in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Thousands of neighbors and spectators witnessed the incredible transformation of the house that took less than one week to accomplish…..the kids are thrilled with their new digs and their new playground! Visit our GALLERY to see photos from the project site.